Medical Weight Loss

Improve Your Mind, Body, and Health

Our popular physician-led Weight Reduction program is the perfect way to meet your goals, learn new lifestyle techniques for on-going improvement. Book your appointment with us today.

Shape Me Up Integrated Medical Weight – Loss and Wellness Program

Improve Your :  Weight/Fatty Liver, Sugars, Cholesterol,Blood Pressure, Strength, Fatigue

Program Highlights:

  • One year program with weekly meetings for 3 months followed by monthly maintenance sessions
  • Step-by-step curriculum books included
  • Learn about balanced nutrition for lifelong changes
  • Learn how to choose healthy diet that is tasteful and satisfying
  • Exercise sessions weekly (including cardiovascular, strength training and group yoga)
  • Monitoring by healthcare provider during the entire program with specific interventions as necessary
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Attend weekly lectures and workshops, including a private grocery store tour
  • May be covered by medical insurance in most cases!